On the occasion of MUHS Foundation Day Sanskrit Samhita
Siddhanta Department organized a webinar on 10/06/2020 . Meeting was
scheduled on ZOOM MEET at 2 pm. Dr Manisha Kothekar, Director,
MUHS Regional Center, Nagpur was present as a Guest of honor and
address the meeting by online. Dr. Mukund Dive, Director, BMAM, Nagpur,
MCIM member was present as a Chairman of the program. Guest Speaker
DR.CHARUTA PARLEWAR, Professor, Shree Gurudeo Ayurved College,
Mozari presened very nice and informative Speech on “ Applied Aspect of
RAKTAWAHASROTASA “. Organizing Chairman Dr Meena Alnewar,
Principal BMAM; Organizing Co-Chairman Dr Kavita Daulatkar, HOD,
Samhita Department; Organizing Secretory Dr Bhavana Bhalmey, Professor,
Samhita Department ; and Convenor DR C N Bhagwe, Dr Kshama Dorle,
Dr Tejashree Khanorkar organized this fruitful webinar. 72 participants
joined this meeting

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