Agad Tantra & Vyavahar Ayurved

Agada-tantra & Vyavahara Ayurveda

Agad Tantra deals with study of the poisons, its action, clinical manifestation diagnosis of acute, chornic and cumulative toxicity and treatment. Poison refers to the toxins produced by toxic materials and living organism which are dangerous to human beings e.g. poisonous plants, heavy metal and its compound, the venom of snake, scorpion, spiders, bees etc., bacterial and non-bacterial food poisoning, artificial poison like insecticide, herbicide and rodenticide etc. It includes also occupational and industrial toxiciety, its clinical manifestation, diagnosis and management. It includes also acute, chronic toxicity of various addicted drugs, it’s withdrawal and it’s management. The Department imparts Under Graduate and Post Graduate education and training to students in Ayurvedic classical references of Visa (poison), its detailed description, its classifications and examinations, diseases caused by it, principles of managements and preventive measures of the poisons, and legal aspect of medical practice, medical aspects of Law and forensic medicine.

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