Daily Regimen

This is a daily routine as explained in Ayurveda for maintaining personal hygiene. These include the evacuation of natural urges like passing stool, urine and afterwards brushing your teeth, taking a shower, applying Anjana (collarym), taking medicated smoke, having food at proper time, working honestly, not sleeping during the day time, etc.

Seasonal Regimen

The seasonal regimen is an important routine to maintain for optimum health. Ayurveda explains and advises on the type of diet and conduct that you need to follow during each season.

Ethical Regimen

The Ethical regimen is a practise that relates to social and ethical conducts that you should practise on a daily basis. These include following non violence, not indulging in criminal activities, speaking the truth, not hurting others in words or actions, etc.

रक्तवर्धक आहार पाककला स्पर्धा

Oral hygiene Guidance Camp

Dantadhawan Aushadhi Distribution Camp

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Dantadhawan Aushadhi Distribution Camp

Today on 28 sep 23 Swasthvritta 
 visited Central Agmark lab along with 55 ug and pg students.
 Dr.Manavi Sharma, assistant director guided us about how to maintain quality and purity of products and many more about adulteration
On 20 April 2023 department of Swasthavritta and Yoga conducted Nasya procedure as a departmental activity in which 3 rd years students along with HOD Dr Madhavi Rehpade Dr. Mamta Talmale, Dr. Omprakash Gulhane, Dr. Sharayu Gajapure, Dr. Rupali Bhanare.

Conducted Jal Neti procedure for students

On 8 June 2023 department of Swasthavritta conducted Jal Neti procedure for students along with lecturars and staff in which 50 students along with staff attended and participated to perform procedure. Everyone tried the procedure under guidance of Yoga expert Mr. Yogesh Special efforts was taken by Dr Madhavi Rehpade, Dr. Mamta Talmale, Dr. Omprakash Gulhane, Dr Sharayu Gajapure, Dr. Rupali Bhanare.