Sharir Rachana

Department of Rachana Sharir stands as one of the important pillar of basic principles of Ayurved. It deals with the study of Structure of the Human Body and topics like embryology, histology, Anthropometry, Genetics, marma sharir etc as per Ayurved and Modern science.

  • Team of skilled and dedicated staff.
  • Spacious and fully equipped dissection hall for cadaver dissection, specimen preparation and surface anatomy.
  • Ample supply of cadavers for UG and PG students.
  • Availability of cadaver cutting machine for preparing sectional Anatomy specimens.
  • Well maintained Museum containing abundant specimens, Models, Charts for study reference.
  • Spacious tutorial Room for practical classes with provision of OHP and LCD facility.
  • Separate post graduate department for PG activities, seminars etc.

Sharir Rachana Department Activity

Rachnasharir Department 'Summary Report of National Webinar Organized on 17th July 2021

Organ donation awareness was conducted by Rachana Sharir Departmentment

Rachana Sharir department of Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya celebrated the “Azadi Ka Amrutmahotsava”

Organ donation day program 13/09/2022

Conduction of Cadeveric Oath by Rachana Sharir Department with First BAMS 23-24 Batch​


A exhibition was held by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Science at the Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Nagpur on 25/10/2023.A torso human model was presented by the PG students of Rachana Sharir Department of Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur.The PG students who presented the model were Dr. Vinay Pareek(JR3), Dr. Parag Uikey(JR3), Dr. Rahul Pawar(JR3), Dr. Mrunali Lanjewar(JR1), Dr. Sweta Mendhe(JR1), and Dr Mrunal Dange Associate professor took active participation in the program.The team of  PG students represented the department of Rachana Sharir in the exhibition with the initiative and support of Dean, Dr. Yuwraj Kale and under the guidance of Dr. Alka Charde HOD & Professor, Rachana Sharir Department.The exhibition was great and people of different age group were explained the torso model by the PG students of  Rachana Sharir Department of BMAM, Nagpur.

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