Virtual transitional curriculum at BMAM,Nandanvan,Nagpur

       Virtual Transitional   Curriculum    programme   was  arranged  for   new  first year batch    admmiited  in this  year 2020-21  from 19/03/2021 to  08/04/2021 which was scheduled for 15 days. Programme was arranged by first year incharge  Dr.Alka Charde Mam (Hod And Prof , Rachana Sharir Dept)  and all first year departments of Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya,Nandanvan,Nagpur.

Progamme schedule was as follows :

       On the first day  of programme 19/03/2021 ,5 sessions were conducted .

  1.  First session -Inaugural Function-

Programme was inaugurated by Hon.Secretary Rajendraji Mulak sir

(Ex Minister,Secretary of BCYRC) .Sir with their fresh thought and optimistic approach for ayurveda and for our institute motivated all students Followed by  Dhanvantari Stavan by Dr.Tejashree Khanorkar  mam .

  • Second and third session was related to interaction with parents and interactin with students was conducted by.

Dr Alka Charde Mam.(Hod And Prof ,Rachana Sharir Dept,BMAM,Nagpur)

  • Fourth session-guest speaker

 Dr.Kavita Daulatkar Mam 

(Hod And Prof,Sanskrit Samhita Dept,BMAM,Nagpur)

Topic-Uniqueness of  Ayurveda   compared  to other systems of Medicine)

  • Fifth session guest speaker

 Dr.Bhagave Mam (Lecturer,Sanskrit,BMAM,Nagpur)

         On the   2nd   day of programme  on 20/03/2021  , 6 sessions were scheduled and conducted

  1. Guest Speaker

Dr.Kavita  Daulatkar (Hod And Prof, Sanskrit Samhita       Dept, BMAM , Nagpur)

Topic-History,Philosophy And Concepts Of Ayurveda

  • Dr.Chhaya Tanmane Mam (Hod And Prof Of Kayachikitsa                                           Dept,Gold Medalist,BMAM,Nagpur)

Topic- Introduction about modern medicine and other systems of medicine.

  • Dr.Mohan Yende Sir  (Vice Principal  Of  BMAC  ,Butibori, Nagpur, HOD And  Prof ,Rachana  Sharir Dept)

  Topic-Role Of Ayurveda In Public Health Health And Primary                                Health Centre

  • Dr.C.Bhagve  Mam   (Lecturer ,Sanskrit ,BMAM,Nagpur)

 Topic-  Vadatu  Sanskritam

  • Dr .Alka Charde Mam.(Hod And Prof ,Rachana Sharir Dept)

Topic -Know Your Institute And Departmental Visit    

  • Dr.Leena Nanoti Mam (Principal ,Prof And Hod ,Dept Of Basic Principales Gangputra Ayurved College,Jind)

Topic-Motivational Lecture

          On the 3rd day   on 22/03/2021, two sessions were   arranged .

  1.  Dr.Alka Charde Mam (HOD And Prof. Rachana Sharir Dept,BMAM Nagpur)

         Topic-History,Philosophy And Concepts  Of Ayurveda

    2)  Dr.Mohan Yende Sir (Vice Principal Of   Bmac,Butibori,Nagpur

          ,Hod And Prof,Rachana Sharir Dept,)

          Topic-Recent Advances In Ayurveda

         On The 4th Day On 23/03/2021 ,4 Sessions Were Scheduled

  1. Dr.Mukund Dive Sir ( Dean, HOD  And Prof, Rasshastra And Bhaishajya Kalpna Dept,BMAM,Nagpur)

Topic-Know Regulatory Bodies And Statutory Bodies And Major Ayush Institutions.

  •  Dr. C. Bhagve, Mam  (Lecturer, Sanskrit,BMAM,Ngp)

   Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam

  • Dr.Sneha Kubde Mam (Reader, Ras Shastra And Bhaishajya Kalpana Dept,Second Year Incharge,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Know Your Institute and Departmental Visit Of Second Year

  • Dr.Chhaya Tanmane Mam (Hod And Prof Of Kayachikitsa Dept,Gold Medalist,Bmam,Nagpur

Topic-lecture by eminent person of ayurveda

      On the 5th day on 24/03/2021 , two sessions were scheduled .

  1.   Dr.Chandranandini Bhagve  (Lecturer ,Sanskritam,BMAM,Nagpur)  Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam                                                                                            
  2.  Dr.Shrikanat Mude  (Associate Professor,Kaychikitsa,BMAM,Nagpur)

 Topic-Clincal Exposure

     On The 6th Day On 25/03/2021  ,3  Sessions Were Scheduled.

  1. Dr.Sandhya Wagh (Professor,Rognidan,BMAM,Nagpur

Topic-Role And Impact Of Physician In The Society

       2) Dr.Nirmala Marghade (Hod And Professsoe,Kriya Sharir,BMAM,Ngp)

            Topic-Basics Of Prakriti Pariksha

  •  Dr.Sharad Tripathi (Assi Prof,Surgery,BMAM,Nagpur)

Topic-Skills-Basic Life Support(BLS) and First Aid 

      On The 7th Day On 26/03/2021  , Six Sessions were Scheduled .

  1. Dr. C. Bhagve, Mam  (Lecturer, Sanskrit,Bmam,Nagpur)

  Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam

  • Dr.Arpita Shah (Asso.Professor,Sreerog Prasuti Tantra Vibhag,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Clinical  Exposure .

  • Dr.Kshama Dorle (Asso.Professor,Samhita Sidhhant Vibhag,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Vriksha Ayurved And Mrugayurved

  • Dr.Nitin Warghane Sir (BAMS, MD, LLB ,Director Of Shri Dhanvantari Hospital,Nagpur ,Ex President Nima ,Ex President Lions Club,Nagpur)

Topic-Professional Medical Ethics

  • Dr.Sonam Kanzode (Assi.Professor ,Balrog,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Computer Skills

  • Dr.Chaitanya Barskar ( Assi.Professor ,Agadtantra,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Games And Sports  Grouping Students And Giving Tasks.

      On The 8th Day On 30/03/2021 Three Sessions Were Scheduled

  1. Dr.Tejashree Khanorkar (Assi.Professor,Samhita Sidhhant Dept,BMAM,Nagpur)

Topic-Communitave English.

  • Dr.Sunita Paradkar( Asso.Professor,Dravyaguna Dept,BMAM,Nagpur)

     Topic-Biodversity And Ayurveda.

  • Dr. C. Bhagve, Mam  (Lecturer, Sanskrit,BMAM ,Nagpur)

   Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam.

On the 9th day on 31/03/2021 three sessions were scheduled.

  1. Dr.Mamta Talmale Mam (Asso.Prof,Swasthwritta Dept,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Yoga And Meditation

  •  Dr.Rajendra Urade Sir (Hod And Prof,Agadtantra,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Lecture From Eminent Person In Ayurveda

  • Dr.Chaitanya Barskar ( Assi.Professor ,Agadtantra,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Games And Activities

On The 10th Day   on 01/04/2021 Six Lectures Were Scheduled.

  1. Dr.Avinash Karambhe( Assi.Prof,Balrog,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Communicative English

  • Dr. Dr.Rajendra Urade Sir (Hod And Prof,Agadtantra,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic- Know Your Syllabus Of Third Year Bams

  • Dr. C. Bhagve, Mam  (Lecturer, Sanskrit,Bmam,Ngp)

   Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam

  • Dr.Ram Ramekar Sir ( Hod And Prof,Swasthwritta ,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Yoga Practice And Relaxation Technique

  •  Dr.Sonam Kanzode ( Assi.Prof,Blrog,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Computer Skills

  • Dr.Chaitanya Barskar ( Assi.Professor ,Agadtantra,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Games And Activities

On The 11th Day On 03/04/2021  Four Sessions Were Scheduled.

  1. Dr. C. Bhagve, Mam  (Lecturer, Sanskrit,Bmam,Ngp)

   Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam

  • Dr.Mahendra Agrawal( Hod And Prof,Panchkarma,Bmam,Nagpur,Bos At Muhs

Topic-National Health Status Goals And Policis

  • Dr.Sneha Kubde (Hod And Asso.Prof,Rasshastra And Bhaishajya Kalpana ,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Lecture By Eminent Pharmaceutical Industrialist

  • Dr.Kavita Khond (Principal ,K.R.Pandav Ayurved Mahavidyalaya,Nagpur)

Topic-Stress Management And Capacity Building To Address Medical Challenges

On The 12th  Day on o5/04/2021 , 4 Sessions Were Scheduled.

  1. Dr. C. Bhagve   Mam  (Lecturer, Sanskrit,Bmam,Ngp)

   Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam

  • Dr.Yuvraj     Kale ( Hod And Professor,Shalakya Tantra,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic- Motivational Speech

  • Dr.Mamata Ganorkar ( Asso Professor,Agadtantra,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic- Discussion ,Debate,Task

  • Feedback From students Were Collected By

Dr.Shweta Sorte                                                                             Dr.Rupali Bedre .

-We have got virtual TC Feedback in a response from 60 students.

-We received as a very good response  from 52 students and as a good response from 42 students.

-Yes, all 100% students responded as it was very helpful for getting new learning things and knowledge about various topics in regarding Ayurveda. 

-In Sanskrit Sambhasha Session we received as a Very good feedback from 55 students and as a good feedback response from 12 students.

On The 13th Day  On 06/04/2021 , Five Sessions Were Scheduled.

  1. Dr.Rupal Bedre (Assi.Proff,Kriyasharir,Bmam,Nagpur

Topic-Importance Of Diet In Ayurveda

  • Dr.Shweta Sorte(Assi.Prof,Rachana Sharir,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Personal Health And Hygiene 

  • Dr. C. Bhagve, Mam  (Lecturer, Sanskrit,Bmam,Ngp)

   Topic-Vadatu Sanskritam

  •  Dr.Mohan Yende  (Vice Principal Of Bmac,Butibori,Nagpur,Hod And Prof,Rachana Sharir Dept,)

Topic-Time Management

  • Dr.Sangeeta Giri ( Rmo,Bmam Hospital ,Nagpur)

Topic-Biomedical Waste Management.

  On 14th Day On 07/04/2021 Two Sessions Were Arranged .

  1. Dr.Kiran Tawalare ( Assi .Prof,Phd Scholar ,Kriya Sharir,Shree Ayurved Mahavidyalaya,Nagpur,Faculty Of Muhs Hset Unit,Editorial Board Member  Ijaar And Jonam )

Topic- Understanding Interpersonal Relationship In A Health Care Team,Understanding The Process Of Group Learning And Group Dynamics,Comprehend The Learning Edagogy And Te Role In Learning Skills)

  • Dr.Prerana Karare ( Asso .Prof,Kriya Sharir,Bmam,Nagpur)

Topic-Understanding The Role Of Mentoring.

On The Last Day i.e On 15th Day Dr.Meena Alnewar

( Principal,Bmam,Nagpur) guided the students about our institute.Due to Covid pandemic field visit to other Ayush institutions could not be arranged.

All the HODs of first year Dr.Daulatkar Kavita (HOD And Prof,Samhita Dept),

Dr.Alka Charde (HOD  and Prof,Rachana Sharir Dept)

Dr.Nirmala Marghade (HOD and Prof,Kriya Sharir) guided students with brief  introduction about their subject thus programme was ended   after doubt clearing and interactive sessions with Students.

Total 60 Students and all teaching staff  attended the programme via goggle  meet.

     All sessions were conducted and hosted by

1) Dr.Rupali Bedre(Assi.Prof,Kriya Sharir)

2) Dr.Shweta Sorte (Assi.Prof,Rachana Sharir) And

3) Dr.Kshama Dorle(Asso.Prof,Samhita Dept)