Kaumarbhritya Department conducted National Webinar on” Immunomodulation and child wellbeing”

Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya ( Kaumarbhritya department) conducted National Webinar on” Immunomodulation and child wellbeing” Kaumarbharanam 2021 on 13 th July 2021 with Hon.Shri Rajendraji Mulak as cheif patron. Dr. Kalidaas Chavhan (Registrar,MUHS,Nashik) as inaugarator, Dr.Shrikant Deshmukh (Dean faculty of ayu ,MUHS, Nashik) as guest of honour., Dr. Ashutosh Gupta(President,MCIM,Mumbai),Dr Anill Kale as MUHS observer. The Webinar was elected with the guidance of Prof.Dr.Mukund Dive (Directer BMAM) and Dr.Meena Alnewar (principal BMAM) and convenor Dr.Vidya Ingole.           The national webinar got the valuable speakers Dr.Uday Bodhankar with a detail topic i.e. Covid 19 in children. , Dr.Amol Patil with topic- Immune boosting measure in Ayurveda for children ,Dr.Sumodh khedkar with topic – Covid 19 in children prevention and management throgh  Ayurveda.               Dr.Renu Rathi was chairperson and Dr. Archana Nikam was co – chairperson for 4 hours log Webinar. The Webinar was registered by about 800 participants Nationally and  internationally .               The webinar was focused on the burning topic of covid 19 in children .Dr Bodhankar mentioned about the disease and its management and prevention               The organiser of the program was Dr.Sonam Kanzode (assi. Professor) as organising secretary and Dr.Renuka Jambhorkar, Dr.Sandhya Agarkar, Dr.Avinash Karambhe in organising committee.         E paper and E poster presentation competition was organised for students.E Souvenir of received abstracts and research articles was published.The national webinar also witnessed the launch of an Android app-E kaumarbhrutya developed by Dr. Sonam Kanzode. 
This national webinar was a grand success and proved to be very useful to all with the combined effort if all BMAM team. This webinar was attended by more than 250 delegates including parents. So, the theme selected for webinar was a great platform for all to get a complete idea about Child immunity and Prevention of Covid 19 in children.