Backward Class Youth Relief Committee`s
"Service to the Society Through Quality Medical Education"
Great Nag Road, Nandanvan, Nagpur - 440009 Tel : (C) 91-712-2712740, (H) 91-712- 2710727, Fax : 91-712-2712538
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Backword Class Youth Relief Committee was founded in 1974, with the primary objective of upliftment of students belonging to Backward Class and Rural Areas.
Headed by Shri Bhausaheb Mulak, Ex-Minister, Government of Maharashtra, Ex-Mayor of Nagpur Municipal Corporation and a man of vast experience and vision, this organisation grew by leaps and bounds.
Shri Rajendra Mulak, the Secretary is an enterprising, dynamic and innovative personality and is teh catalytic force behind progress of the organization.
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