Backward Class Youth Relief Committee`s
"Service to the Society Through Quality Medical Education"
Great Nag Road, Nandanvan, Nagpur - 440009 Tel : (C) 91-712-2712740, (H) 91-712- 2710727, Fax : 91-712-2712538
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          Name:      Meena Alnewar
          Qualification:      B.A.M.S. M.D
          Designation:      Principal
          Registration No:      1-20998
          Date of Birth:      24/06/1966
          Age :                        52 Year
          Date of Joining :      03/12/2017
          E-mail :          
          Phone No :               9372309120, Off 0712-2712740

"AYURVEDA" and ancient pathy for which the whole world is looking hopefully for the coming generation's to come.

I as a responsible person from this field wish a very bright future & expect dedication from my students & institution & anybody with affiliated to this pathy.

I am wishing a bright & particularly a dedicated future to "AYURVEDA"

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